Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School.


It is difficult to convey the essential ethos of a school through the pages of its website. On this site you will find information about our vision and curriculum, yet you will not know what it is really like to spend a day with us. In order to have a full impression of St Joseph’s School you must come and see us in action.





Safeguarding Statement

The Governors and staff of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School are fully committed to safeguarding all of the children who belong to the school community. The school recognises its legal and moral duty to promote the well-being of children, protect them from harm, and respond to child abuse.

Parents and carers expect the school to provide a safe, secure and caring environment in which their children can flourish. To meet this expectation, the school implements a wide range of measures and policies, including the school’s Safeguarding & Child Protection policy and Health & Safety policy. Details of these policies can be found in the Policies section of the website.


Please note that a printed copy of any information on this website can be obtained from the school office.


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