Our Motto

2022 SJO Logo - Silver Border

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School is

A calm, holy place where we pray, think and celebrate God's world.
Where we can share a true love of learning through our creative and
inclusive curriculum.
Where we celebrate and nurture the gifts and talents of every person as
uniquely created in the image of God.
A supportive community where home, school and church work together.

Learning and laughing together in the light of God's love.


Ethos, Aims and Values

  • To follow the principles of our Catholic Faith in order to prepare the children to become positive and caring members of our society with a moral responsibility towards each other.
  • To encourage an awareness of God’s presence in each other.
  • To help each individual acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for the next stage of education.
  • To provide a structured and well balanced curriculum which will enable all pupils to progress within their ability range and strive to enable them to reach their full potential.
  • To develop a calm atmosphere, in which children feel motivated and trusted to take risks, demonstrate individual responsibility, enjoy the challenge of learning, and develop a resilience to setbacks in order to reach a goal.
  • To foster home, school and parish links.

Mutual respect, courtesy and good discipline are expected in all areas of school life. Good behaviour is positively reinforced.