Latest Guidance for Close Contacts of a Covid-19 Positive Case

The latest guidance for children who have come in contact with somebody who has tested positive

  • Your child should stay at home and self-isolate until 10 days after contact following national guidance: We are asking you to do this to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to others in the community. If your child is well and has not tested positive at the end of the 10-day period of self-isolation, then they can return to their usual activities.
  • Other members of your household can continue normal activities provided your child does not develop symptoms within the 10-day self-isolation period or test positive.
  • As an extra precaution Public Health England (PHE) is now advising close contacts to get a COVID-19 PCR test (ideally 5 days after exposure or day five of isolation). If your child has had a positive PCR test within the last 90 days, you do not need to get another test unless they have new symptoms.
  • If your child tests positive they need to isolate with their household following national guidance COVID-19: guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection – GOV.UK ( If they test negative, they must still complete ten days isolation.
  • All members of the household aged 11 and over should continue to do their regular LFD test twice a week (every 3 to 4 days).
  • Anyone with symptoms should get a PCR test as soon as possible and isolate with their household
  • Please also inform the school of any positive result.