The School is accommodated in three blocks.  The Key Stage One block houses six classrooms, a music room, offices, the Lower Hall and the kitchen.  The Key Stage Two block has a further eight classrooms, a staff study centre and the staffroom on the ground floor, with the Upper Hall on the first floor.  We also have a Special Educational Needs room situated off the library.

In 2016 our new block was completed to accommodate our expanding school (three forms of entry). The new build has 7 KS2 classrooms, two smaller group rooms and a library. The building is light and spacious and will enable us to comfortably accommodate one year 4 class, three year 5 classes and three year 6 classes. We reach full capacity in 2022.

Our extensive grounds include several playgrounds, an astroturf all-weather pitch and an environmental area for outdoor learning.  Thanks to our active Parent Teacher Association - the SJA, we have two large wooden play areas, the Whale Trail in Key Stage One with tunnels, a slide and sandpit and the Jungle Track for Key Stage Two.  Our Memorial Garden offers a quiet sanctuary and is also a perfect setting for R.E. lessons when the weather allows.  Each year group is also responsible for one of our raised beds where we grow our own vegetables and wild flowers.

Parking on school grounds is for staff only and there are no other available spaces.  We are fortunate that our neighbours at Donyngs Leisure Centre allow us to use their overflow car park for pupil drop off and pick up.

The Schools Accessibility Plan ensures that facilities are available for pupils with disabilities.  There are two disabled toilets, one in each key stage.