We will be running two competitions during science week. One of these will be to design a poster of the core principles and vision for science in the school, the winning poster will be displayed on the website and in all of the classrooms on the science display. The following is the information that needs to be on the poster:


Science gives us the opportunity to explore and discover the world around us. We endeavour to engage the children and instill a curiosity to continue learning beyond the classroom.
We aim to deliver a rich and challenging curriculum that develops practical and critical thinking skills to facilitate a smooth transition to secondary school and adulthood.
1. Children are engaged and excited to learn
2. Learning involves exploration and practical investigations
3. Children question their understanding
4. Children seek answers to questions
5. Staff and children are inspired by science and beyond
6. Resources are varied and accessible to all
The other competition will run during science week (9th-13th March) the children are invited to create or research a science question that they wish to find the answer to, this is to be completed at home with a maximum of 4 children working together. This could be a fun activity to complete during half term, it is not compulsory! Their findings or answers will be displayed in the upper hall on the Friday as a science fair. All parents and children are welcome to come and see the children’s work.