Surrey Road Safety Consultation

Surrey County Council has today launched a public consultation on its plans to build a new zebra crossing and make other road safety improvements on Linkfield Lane near to the entrance to the school. If implemented, the proposed scheme would make it significantly safer for families travelling to and from the school.

In September, two of our pupils and their grandmother were injured by a motorist in a collision that took place near to the school on Linkfield Lane. Following this incident, the school established a “Road Safety Working Party” consisting of Mrs Lawlor, staff, parents and governors. This group has been engaging with the council to reduce the danger on the road outside the school. In addition, the children have been taking part in road safety activities to raise awareness of the risks, as well as the actions that can be taken to help keep everyone safe.

We are grateful to the council for its work in designing the proposed scheme, details of which can be found in the attached letter. We ask that you help the school by completing the following online survey via the council’s consultation portal to show your support:

Please respond by Monday, 10th June, when the consultation closes.

The scheme would bring significant improvements to families travelling to and from the school, so it is important that as many of you as possible share your views with the council to demonstrate that there is widespread support for making the road outside the school safer.

We recognise that the council could make additional road safety improvements through this or future schemes, so it would be helpful if you can include examples of these when completing the survey. Here are some examples of options that are not included in the proposed scheme:

  • Lowering the speed limit on Linkfield Lane and nearby roads from 30 mph to 20 mph;
  • Improving the crossings at the junction with Batts Hill to make it safer for families walking between the school and Donyngs leisure centre;
  • Reducing the large number of motorists using the road outside the school, and thereby the primary cause of road danger and air pollution; and
  • Making it safer for children cycling to and from the school.

Every member of your household can complete the survey, and we would encourage everyone who can respond to do so.

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards

The Road Safety Working Party

St Josephs Catholic Primary School – Consultation Letter