Facilities at St Joseph's

St Joseph's offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor facilities, all designed to maximise space, encourage learning and provide a fun experience to our pupils at all age levels.

The School has two main buildings, surrounded by large open playgrounds and learning areas. EYFS have their own outdoor section dedicated to play and learning through the use of toys and building materials in order to encourage their creativity and to expand their classrooms. Key Stage 1 are located in our main building and have access to the lower playground as well as our Outdoor trail which has recently been refurbished to include a new sandpit.

Key Stage 2 primarily have access to our middle playground, comprising a netball court and also to our AstroTurf with outdoor gym equipment.

All of our pupils have the opportunity to visit our Reflection Garden for quiet learning and reflection as well as our fantastic Forest School area, which is a brilliant learning area where children can experience the outdoors and all the messy fun and learning that comes with it!

As well as the designated playgrounds there are many open areas also around the school to give a wonderful airy feel to the school and access outside is provided through the rear of many classrooms. We love our children experiencing our outdoor areas and actively encourage their use as much as possible.

Internally the school has 2 main halls, one of which is used for PE when the weather isnt the best or for more internal sports such as gymnastics. We have a resource centre located in the new building which hosts a variety of books and learning resources for all to access. The school has a small music room for individual or small group lessons as well as many group rooms and breakout spaces so that small group learning can take place across the building. We also have an SEN space in the main building. All of our classrooms are bright and spacious and filled with resources to encourage the best from all. The school continues to improve its surroundings with classroom and area refurbishments designed to keep the school looking and feeling bright and modern in all areas.

Parking Pupil

We welcome visitors to the school on a regular basis and hold open mornings regularly. You must book with the main school office should you wish to visit the school. Parking is extremely limited and must be booked well in advance should you require any special arrangements. We restrict visitors on site during drop off and pickup times. Parking on the side streets is not an option and as such we encourage the use of public transport where possible (we are not far from Redhill Bus and Train Station) During pickup and drop off times Donyngs Leisure Centre has kindly allowed us to utilise their overflow car park, however we cannot guarantee parking in there at other times. Large Multi-Storey car parks and short stay car parks are available within a 15 minute walking distance.

The Schools Accessibility Plan ensures that facilities are available for pupils with disabilities.  There are two disabled toilets, one in each key stage.