Reception / EYFS

Reception Children playing

Children in Reception follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum in which learning and development is organised into prime and specific areas as set out below:

Prime Areas

Communication and Language Development 
Which includes: Listening, attention & understanding; speaking
Personal, Social and Emotional Development 
Which includes: Self regulation; managing self and building relationships 
Physical Development 
Which includes: Gross motor skills and Fine motor skills

At St Joseph’s we teach children by ensuring that we provide challenging, playful opportunities across these areas of learning and development.  We provide opportunities to encourage children to foster the characteristics of effective early learning.

Characteristics of Learning

·         Playing and exploring

·         Active Learning

·         Creating and thinking critically

Specific Areas

Which includes: Comprehension; word reading and writing
Which includes: Number and numerical patterns
Understanding the World
Which includes: Past and present; People, culture and communities; The natural world 
Expressive Arts and Design
Which includes: Creating with materials and being imaginative and expressive