Lost Property

Lost property is a problem at school! Please ensure that all items of clothing and belongings are very clearly labelled, which will allow lost items to be returned to their owner should they be found. If labelled, items will usually be returned very quickly!

Items left at school that are not names are returned to the approximate Year Group cloakroom area and the children may look for their missing property here.   Please talk to your class teacher about missing property.

Jewellery & Valuables

Jewellery including friendship bracelets may not be worn. While it is accepted that children with pierced ears may wear plain gold studs, it is preferred that they do not as they present a potentially very serious hazard in the school environment. All studs must be removed by the child for PE, and if the child cannot remove their own studs they should not be worn into school on that day.

From Year 3 onwards children may wear an inexpensive watch, but the school does not accept responsibility for lost studs or watches. No other valuables should be brought into school.

Mobile Phones

It is strongly preferred that mobile phones are not brought into school. If it is essential that they are,  parents must fill in a form and discuss the mobile phone policy and associated responsibilities with their child.   They must not be taken into the classroom and must be turned off while on school premises.

They should be handed into the school office at the beginning of the day and collected at the end of the day.  The school cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage to mobile devices of any kind.