Academy Consultation 2023

St Joseph's Catholic School has agreed to undertake a consultation regarding joining an Education Trust. The school is in discussions with Xavier Catholic Education Trust and value your questions and opinions regarding this matter. To help answer any questions we have received so far please see the following documents as well as any additional questions asked since these documents were created. We have held meetings in school with both staff and parents and the questions and minutes are provided here. Our consultation period for responses has now ended. We will update this page in due course. Thank you to all who provided input, it is much appreciated.

Questions since our in-person meetings

Question - There is not a sufficient articulation of the autonomy and decision making that will be retained by St. Joseph's and which powers will be transferred out of the control of the head-teacher, governors and teaching staff.

Response from Mrs T.Lawlor -

James Kibble the CEO did address this in some detail at the meeting at the start of the consultation process. The slides are available below and they may be useful to refer back to as well. Having spoken to other Trust Headteachers, the Trust enables a lot of autonomy particularly around curriculum , relationships with the school community, school events (parent associations), teaching of RE and the Catholic life of the school. The Trust centralises services such as finance, IT and premises. We would fall into a condition cycle of maintenance to the school building which would include general wear and tear works as well as capital projects e.g. the eventual hall extension.
The governing body becomes a local governor committee and they fall into the academy's scheme of delegation. Governors and trustees would oversee the financial management of the school as well as impact on strategic decisions such as appointments of senior leaders.
Teaching staff would be supported in their roles through subject network meetings and ongoing CPD - much the same as we do now, we are currently accessing quite a bit of training and support from the trust.

Documents and Links

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