Our Year Group Saints

The Primary leadership team with Mrs Osman and Mrs Brown researched a number of different saints. Once they had decided on the saints they went back to their Year groups and the children voted for the Saint they wanted. They then announced each year group saint in an Assembly.


Reception - St Joseph

This was a unanimous decision as the Primary leadership team felt it was important as children entered the school to know and learn about the Saint our school is named after.

Saint Joseph was chosen to be the husband of Mary. He was also the foster father of Jesus. He is said to have been selected by God for this role because he could be trusted to watch over them. We pray he watches over all our children whilst they are under our care here at St Joseph’s


Year 1 - St David

Saint David, known as Dewi Sant in Welsh, is the patron saint of doves and poets as well as Wales.

Year 2 - St Catherine of Siena

Catherine wrote that no matter where people lived or who they were, they should realise that all their talents and everything they have is from God. Catherine used her talents to have a positive effect on the world.


Year 3 - St Francis


Saint Francis was known for his love of nature, particularly his love of animals

Year 4 - St Angela Merici


St Angela is our Y4 Patron Saint as she is the Saint of Education and helped so many children.  Angela saw a need in her community, and decided to get a group of people together who could do something about it.

Year 5 - St Cecilia


St. Cecilia is considered the patron saint of music

Year 6 - St Oscar Romero


The children voted for St Oscar Romero who is a modern day saint