Organisations We Support

Being able to give back is one of our core principles throughout St Joseph's, with our pupils (and families) and staff encouraged to give where they can to help those who are less fortunate, often through no fault of their own. We are proud to hold many events where donations such as food and toiletries are provided to our local charities, and also to take part in larger events such as the Macmillan Coffee Mornings and to the Big Lent Walk for CAFOD. Please see below for just some of the organisations we have supported recently. We look forward to being able to add to these so that as many people as possible are able to benefit from the goodwill of the St Joseph's Community.

Our next Harvest Festival on the 19th October 2023 focuses on a 'Brighter World Day' where parents are asked to provide donations to St Matthews foodbank in Redhill. If you would like to find out more or to see how you can donate at anytime please click on the image to visit their site.

As part of 'Brighter World Day' we are asking our children for a 50p donation which we are giving to CAFOD to help projects around the world. For this donation our children will be allowed to dress in their brightest clothes rather than their school uniform so that our building will be even more full of bright vibrant colour on this day. To read more about the fantastic work CAFOD does globally please click on the image above.

With the school back in full swing following the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are delighted that our in-person nativities are able to take place as normal. These are fantastic events and help us to raise money to provide to local charities, reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas. Last year we split our money between 2 fantastic Charities, St Catherines Hospice and The Childrens Trust.

We were delighted that we were able to split over £600 between both of these fantastic organisations. To find out more about each of them and the fantastic work they do please click on their respective images.

We recently held a Macmillan Coffee morning, which was well received and well attended and helped us to raise over £300, a fantastic amount to go to such a worthy cause. To find out more about the work Macmillan does please click on the image.

As part of our May procession, we were gifted many wonderful flowers from our community, many of which were planted around our premises, giving our beds a colourful look. We also donated a large amount of the cut flowers to our families and to Wray Common Nursing home so they could benefit from the generous donations to bring some extra vibrance from nature to their environment as well. To read more about Wray Common please click on the image.

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