Procedures for Applying for Admissions to Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception Class)  2023/2024

Applicants are required to fill in two forms:

  • Common Application Form (CAF) which is available online from 1st November 2022 from Surrey County Council and must be submitted by 15th January 2023.  Information about Surrey Schools can be viewed here.
  • St Joseph's Redhill SIF 2023-24 which is available in PDF format below and must be returned to us at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School by 15th January 2023.  Paper copies of the SIF are available from our school office.


Please Note - For applications under the Catholic Faith criteria:

Please send your completed SIF (leaving only the Priest's section unfilled) directly to the school  before 15th January 2023, and Fr Tony will then view these applications and support as applicable.

For applications outside of the Parish of the Nativity of the Lord, please check with your Parish Priest for details of their local arrangements.


For your information:

Admissions Policy 2023-24

Click here to view the Boundary Map of the Parish of the Nativity of the Lord



If your child is not offered a place at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Redhill, you have the right to appeal against that decision to an Independent Appeal Panel (set up in accordance with sections 88 and 94 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998).

Appeals must be made in writing and must set out the reasons on which the appeal is made.

Appeals should be made to the Clerk of Governors at the school address.